Customer Care and IT

2Step BV call centre services in China

Call Centre Services

In China 2Step has a vast experience setting up bilingual call centre services.

Succesful projects include concierge services for VIPs during the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Paralympics.

Typicall, we are able to setup a new operation in one month, depending on the training requirements. We focus on inbound services like customer services, helpdesks and information services.

For inquiries send an email to:


IT Development

For IT BPO, 2Step works with different partners. We co-operate with small designer companies in China for website and GUI designs. For application development we work with several mid-sized companies with many years of experience in both Linux based and Windows based development. All developers have graduated from China's top universities.

Unlike the big offshore development companies who only target the foreign markets with high profit margins, our partners mainly develop for the Chinese market and are still modest in their pricing. Our current portfolio includes projects in Australia, Canada and the Netherlands. In the Bulgarian market we co-operate with a company specialized in website development and SEO/SEM. For inquiries send an email to:


2Step BV can arrange translation services for the following language pairs:

  • Chinese - English
  • Chinese - German
  • English - Chinese
  • German - Chinese
  • Bulgarian - Chinese
  • Bulgarian - English
  • Chinese - Bulgarian
  • English - Bulgarian
  • Russian - Bulgarian
  • other languages on request